Day 9 - Can't sleep, It's 2:20AM right now and my mind is handling attacks of devils thought

It’s 2:20 AM right now and am not able to sleep. I have to wake up early in morning because of work. Now the second thought coming in my mind is to just ejaculate and get tired and sleep. But i know it’s from crazy side of my mind. I hate this instinct character of devils thought inside of me. I don’t know why it’s inside me. I just want to finish that devil thought of my brain forever. Because it’s really really annoying sometimes.

Just breath stay calm hug your pillow and know that tomorrow will be better it is just mind games


Thanks bro🙂 one day I’ll conquer my mind. I’ll teach the devil inside me that now it’s enough.

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You are welcome bro stay strong and don’t give up you definie yourself