Day 89 today 😊. You can ask me any Questions.. Ready to help you out brothers

Shoot any queries, I will share my experiences with you brothers :innocent:

I am on Day 27 hard mode. My energy gets depleted in evening.
So my question is When do i will have a full load of energy to enjoy throughout the day ?

Hi, I haven’t actively resisted masturbation for more than 4-5 days. I was chronic masturbator, upto 3 times a day. Now I am at day 6, but I feel pain behind balls, at base of penis. What to do about it, what can be reasons?

Can you help about it brother?

That’s called blue balls and it is a normal condition to NoFappers. What I would advice you to do is do exercise and take a cold shower after. It will at least help you feel less stressed.

When you reach the flatline though, your Winny might look like it’s dead and might not even find it possible to get an erection for about a month.

It depends on each individual and how their bodies work!

Good luck companion, stay strong!

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What is flatline, as you mentioned in last paragraph

It feels as if I am about to pee, all the time. Especially when I am sitting on flat surface with the region behind balls touching below :joy:. Very funny feeling

Any changes in hair?

What about your voice? Is it deeper?

Is there any ways to stop wet dreams and what are your female attraction stories

Exercise, right diet and naps are necessary to have full load of energy.


I suggest that you eat well. Nutritious Veggy food will keep you energy levels optimum. Sleep well, even that is an important factor, that will get you going for next day.


It will eventually die down in a week Navosh provided you don’t brood over any lustful thoughts and don’t edge.
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Hair’s health improves dramatically. No need to take any pills and be concerened. Stick to NoFap.
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I can’t notice it myself. But I am not aiming for these things.
lean more--

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Wet dreams are you subconcious impressions finding way. THINGS of the past. They don’t affect you and don’t matter to you.
Female attraction is not my concern. If thats there in my head, I wouldn’t have been here today. :wink:


About the voice thing its true mine gets deep
I can feel it.

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What I meant was whether my voice is deeper or shallow isn’t a point I focus on. There are many things that matter that we must focus on.:smiley:

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Bro, can you help. I am having a lot of pain at base of my penis behind balls.

It is happening right now. How to resolve it, should I try to pee or something.