Day 81 how about you guys

No fap warriors keep going day 81 here I will make sure to update frequently.

How do you feel after 81 Days? You feel strong
You become confident
No kidding you are like warm all the time
More mental clarity
And just overall awesome feeling that emits from your centre its almost like an ‘ooooommmmm’ feeling :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:


Whats you code man pls u r an inspiration i am at day 10

Your post will encourage me to go for 90 days this time.


My sharing code is 45D123

My sharing code is 45D123!

Man the code is invalid pls refresh ur code

Ok sorry for the late reply

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New code 01e5aa hope this one works

Keep up the great will . Hope to go this far someday sharing code : ac2074

How you feel by becoming an emperor.
I mean 90 days of no orgasms ?

Well I notice I have 24/7 ernegy unlike before am getting soo much stuff done like if I say am going to do this I do it while before I had to whip my self into everything. How about you :slight_smile:


You are a legend bro.

I am just about to die…hahaahahahaa
I am on day 0 so you can guess …
I want to achieve a Reboot

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Hey man you are a big inspiration pls dont leave the
N F companion you have achieved which is a dream for me pls stay in the comunity … man i pray to god you achieve everything you want in life god bless✌

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Remember I said its okay to admit your failure get back on the train and lets do this man.

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Hey I am not leaving I am here to battle with you guys. And thank you for your positive message I wish the same for you too.

Hey man why dont try to update ur status in companions write whatever you feel like something that gives u motivated

I will my friend I will :blush:

Any change in hair like hair regrowth or increase in density or thickening?

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Yep! I have noticed that my hair has thickened and darkened too, thicker eyebrows am growing facial hair too and my goat tee is on point, and my hair is very long