Day 8 of NoFap Benefits

I never even imagined how good NoFap really is! I’m waking up early with no problem and with good sleep. Before I couldn’t even get out of my bed. Now I’m ready to go 7:30 in the morning. This is my new routine in the weekdays:
1.waking up at 7:30am
2. Doing what I have to do (If you have studying or work)
3. Getting a cold shower
4. Going for a walk
5. Going to work, school etc.

I’m aiming for 90 days straight to the top


Way to go alpha bro! I am happy for you!

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Nice! I also noticed that I can wake up more easily in the morning. Also, I don’t have to take naps in the afternoon anymore. That’s huge for me as I’ve been taking afternoon naps for like 4 years now.

So it’s no coincedence man, it’s working. Keep going at it :muscle: