Day 8 completed

Getting back into track
Goal is 90 in start
Then 180 and then infinite
I was trying to do this challenge at an infinity level in starting so in starting I relapsed many times
Now getting back on track


This worked for me…

7 day plans till I reach 30 days.
Then,I start 30 day plans till I reach 90.
Then 10 days to reach 100. ( the hardest phase, in my view),
Then 50 days plans, which I am in. So it increases for me.
Currently I am on day 156… May be I will continue these 50 day plans till 400 days or something ( if I could stay on this path, hopefully I do) then 100 day plans…


What are you referring as Plans brother ?

Does it means You plan your 7 days at the start of day 0 !
So, That You stay busy throughout those days !

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No no… I plan to stay PMO free for 7 days initially… Like a challenge… After 7 days, I tell myself, lets do another 7 days… Like that till I reach 30 days… Then I start 30 day challenges…like okay I lasted a month, now I want to last another month… 60 days. Then I want to last another then 90. Then lets make it to century so 100. Then lets make it to 150… And so on…


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