Day 73 ... Slowly losing the game

Hello guys , I am proud and happy to say that I am on day 70 + . But I don’t want to stop here.
So I need some tips and motivation from my you guys.

From 3 to 4 days , I am having regular intervals of sex thoughts . And I think it will turn into a relapse soon. Daily I have to study from my mobile phone as all my study material is in it and it brings me to an urge to watch that once.

Also I have one more problem, now a days after sleeping , around midnight I find myself itching my balls so hard I can’t stop .:cold_sweat:
Something is really bad . Plz anybody explain


Bro…see firstly congrats on your such a big achievement.
But plzz don’t relapse.
The dreams you are getting are veryyy normal. It’s the brain’s way to get you back on your addiction. But just ask yourself “Are you that weak???”
Don’t return now.

And for itching, I recommend you to have light dinner and hip bath just before sleep.


Yes bro you are absolutely right .it’s mind game and is really tough[quote=“MysticYogi, post:2, topic:33952”]
“Are you that weak???”

No bro . Not at all

And thanks for your suggestion on itching , really helpful
I will try that


Brother, increase your meditation time…


Take 1 hour and meditate on your day 0 , 73 days ago. Feel what you felt then. Remember everything. Emotions, temperature, depression around you, tissues,…

Please for the love of god keep control of your mind. This is your false you speaking. Continue on you Path.


Let it last this moment forever. There is no joy in looking back and think- Alas! I could have made it! I am such a fool :sweat_smile:

Just engage yourself with some important works. Write your dreams in few pages with all reasons and what, how and why…

Thats fine brother. Mind will do it’s work you do your job. Think of opposite and positive things. If need be Abuse your mind and show it that you are in charge not the other way!

Mobile phone is not the culprit, but your mind is. Technology is a boon to today’s mankind. Make the best use of it- to uplift, to empower and to reinvent yourself. I believe you can do it👍

You can consider applying some ointment like itchguard etc. And if it’s actually itching in your mind consider applying ointment for it- burn it with mental excercises or sooth it down with yoga, Meditation or chanting.

Last but not least, I believe you can make it.
Yes you can make it. You have got it brother @pingpong1. Hope you remeber the analogy of pingpong ball- how strong you hit it on the floor it rebounds with equal force and hits the roof!


PS: I want your next post as slowly winning the game :grinning::+1::+1: Also, I am following you with a day less. Let it continue…


Thanks bro…:smiley::smiley:
You are a inspiration. I accept all your points.
I was somehow stressed out due to regular urges but now because of you all I am feeling amazingly well. My self believe is somehow increased . Again a lot of thanks

Ya I am using home made products for relief…
and it is somewhat working …

And brother we will make it , we will exterminate porn from our minds and will live free :eagle::eagle:

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