Day 5 is in highest peek

A lot of bad things happened with me… In this highest peek day the 5th day, all the porn that watched… It just come in my mind like flashback… So many porn scene just come in my mind… It it’s so much tempting… but I have to resist myself… If I pass this day then I will be winner. I become a best version of myself… I have the power to defeat anything.

Actually my urge level is just so high I cannot think about it… that’s I just post it and write all about my feelings… I just need a little bit time to pass through this temptation.

This is also a way to break through your urge… Whenever you feel horny or your urge level is so high just express yourself by writing a post and write down the steps you want to apply right now.

Right now I have to watch my study video so that I become busy with this… if it fails then I will download a webseries and watch it.

If this also fails then I eat some jaggery. To release my dopamine, or eat some sugar.

Yes that’s will work… ok guys thank you so much for reading this
Beacuse by writing this my urge is already gone.

I feel positive… Yes bro again I defeat my urge yes!! … wow!!!.. Man this nofap is seems interesting to me…

Thank you all keep fighting


I hope you could reach your goal !


Congrats also Happy birthday @Sujay786 :partying_face:

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Thank you so much… :pray::pray::pray:

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