Day 5 = Day 10!


My previous streak was of nearly 10 days. During theses 10 days i constantly kept on EDGING :couplekiss_man_woman: i was having sex without ejaculation and i was watching porn.
My current streak which is near to day 5 is clean. It is pure. No sex no porn no masturbate. Nothing.
:male_detective: i have found out that day 5 of clean no pmo is equal to day 10 of edging.
So brothers stay clean if you want the results fast :muscle:
I also encourage/advise to go out of your comfortzone. Believe me you will blossom like a flower :rose: outside your home.
It will make you more stronger :weight_lifting_man:


Kya bat hai veeree…chaa gya tu aaj …keep yourself on hard mode . Definitely we shall get great result .

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Ha bhai aj confidence sahi tha public mein.
Lekin abhi wo mazza nahi hai jo ki 20 din ke baad aata hain.
Suro ke dino mein energy pura din nahi chalti.

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Bhaii usse 20 din bad wali energy Ko yaad karke strong reh …tu isse bar pkka 90 days complete karegaa…bas urge Ko Apne mind pe haavi mat hone Dena …bhag Jana usse jagah se agar feeling aaye toh

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Yad rakhu ga teri baat… bhag jaonga jab urge aayengi to

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@anon66785751 @koylakhadan Please reply in English. Everyone should be able to understand. Or create a topic in the International category.


Yes ofcourse we shall remember that in future.