Day 48 Is this Depression or withdrawal?

It has gone for weeks, especially for several past days. Ive been really depressed. Taking caffeine really uplifts the mood, which I did on my 6th week . Made me through the day a happy bloke.

But today, I didn’t take any cup of coffee. Just plain water. Ive been really depressed. Wasting my time on screen from afternoon up till this time. It’s night in my place now. I even had flashes of memories of several pmo materials in vivid images, enjoyed some partial nudity videos on YouTube. I mean it wasn’t intentional, the reason was pure, but none of the videos were really clean and being abstinent for 48 days would triggers you even from a harmless cue. Like female news anchor for example. however, then I stared at the enticing part, that’s when flashes of pmo memories surfaced. Later I even started to think about going to the websites… now I feel harmless cues are not so harmless, I don’t get easily triggered. But I’m worried if the stare really fed the dopamine shortage… Im afraid the stare would really fail my clean streak. I mean I never had thought of going back from Day 1nor entertained any cues or urges. The slip was really a contamination of my experiment and my streak. That’s the story.

Now, the question, I wonder does anybody has this phase? Depression, bad mood, everything just not right, unmotivated, etc. Coffee would give a good kick. I managed all days before with coffee (started from week 6, when I noticed I was quite down than normal guy). Today l missed the cup of coffee semi-intentionally. I realized I’m down, but didn’t take the fix. What I’ve tried are exercise, cold shower, meditation. It all worked out, just like the coffee. But I need to get the FIX, everyday??

Is this normal depression? Or The withdrawal effects? Any comments, guys?


Yes it is perfectly normal. I call it the “pit zone”. When we abstain our brain from dopamine for a long time, it starts craving for it. As we have supplied so much dopamine to our brain that it has changed to reward system structure of our brain and less Dopamine supply, due to nofap, is not enough. The results, as you experienced some, are depression, loss in motivation, anxiety, low libido, sleepiness etc. You are basically in the pit. But don’t worry, in only a week or so you will get back the confidence you need.
P.S.:- try avoiding taking too much coffee


I am on day 52 and I am still in the pit. Depression is understatement. Add lack of sleep.the brain attacks full power. Tests and study don’t go so well.obviously… Lately this is my life. I am very angry though and this great anger means I am not giving up… People see me in this weak Situation and underestimate me. I will prove the basterds worng. Fuck them and Fuck this addiction.


Hold on bro, one of my friend was also in the pit on day63. He became very desperate, depressed. But he held on. Now, he is on day133, living like a king.


Yeah people underestimated me, I was crippled by this habit. I was more than what I am before I got this low. And this depression is part of the things that are holding me back. I juat want to know how longer will it take? Don’t know if it’s much or not but Ive been super clean for a month and a half. When will my brain heal?

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Its a process of nirvana. Trust the process & become one with the almighty. Dont take coffee. The zero inside you is growing. Let it grow & take over. You will be a new man after this process. Never doubt.
Let the emotions flow. Dont fight with it. Dont feed it with erotic material.


There is a Theory about this.

The pain & sufferings which you ran away in the form of pmo keeps on adding up. When you go on nofap you actualy unlocks that piles of pain & sufferings. So when your all pain get unlocked… you will start living a good life afterwards. But you have to suffer first.


What you say is true. The gods love us so they throw challenges at us. Don’t mind the sheep all around. They won’t see the sights we see, they won’t breath the mountain air we will breath.


Maybe we can look at this period of dark night as an opportunity and less as a problem.
We can prove our worth!
The gods throwing us into the storm
For they know we can prevail and come out else can we find what is the most essential in us if not by such great trails and challenges! We should rejoice and be grateful for this opportunity.


I had a wet dream… I saw a strange goddess. She kept saying worship god while floating on the abyss. Is it a relapse? A good sign or a bad sign? The urges become stronger but also i was able to easily stop myself today.I didn’t relapsed unless the dream is considered a relapse.

@tmeidan93 your place is in the heavans… of LAST MAN STANDING MATCH
come join our cause warrior.


Must be the flatline, homie! Your body is in the rewiring phase with your dopamine. Its like a drug addict not getting their fix for weeks. They will ger depressed as their brain rewires their dopamine receptors. It sucks. It will pass one day. Keep doing NoFap. I heard when the rewiring happens, it is a high you never had in your life!

im in day 37 monk mode, i feel bad and weak, my mind is unstable and very delicate, bad toughts , i am worry , maybe i am in the pit zone, anyone right now in the same?