Day 45 real self

Lets Go!!!
We already know that nofap success is different because its the hardest in early.its the Easiest at the end.we have to say no nopmo every single day during streak.enough motivation chats i come to point.
Its makes you a beast!!!u will become unstoppable because of your willpower to say no towards intense pleasure which is the weakness in men and also its our strength
Yeah you became more manly because raise in testosterone levels it promotes you develop exercise habits u feel surge a intensive feeling to do exercise
Hell yeah are thinking of your charming face where its gone???yeah people traded thiercharm for pleasure. With nofap it will bring something dashing eyes strange smile that kills everyone
When it comes to workout you have more will and your body will use ur semen for nourishment.which give you extra strengths & better performance thats why athletes fap less

Are you looking for gf and didnt getting her???holy shit was happening because of fapping soon girls will b fall on you
Fuck!!move on
It develops good attitude for u which is very useful confront ur conflicts and failures usually when i fail now days i say shit happens just move on , on otherhand earlier i used to overanalyze overthink which cause u depression
Hi cold showers
I successfully developed cold shower habit for proof i really feel weird on hot showers.cold showers has numerous benifits like faster muscle recovery , alertness , and its best way to challenge ur day
Waking up was easier to me when i was around day 10-30 after that i find difficulty to sleep because of high energy

Socializing gives you happiness you will overcome many negative emtions like jealousy,fear, nervous, u began to compete against u and others success brings you joy
You find interest in girl if ur unemployed i suggest you stay away those are also as addictive as pmo may lovers can understand

Before my pmo journey ( before august -6 2017)
I was stupid lazy disorgainised undisciplined easy going intelligent fat big person with worst introvert person who used to fap 2-3 times a day and stays at comfort zone. Where you can imagine how i was example of failure. I waste 3 hours to watch & fap watching it. Some days even 6 times a day. And the worst thing in my life i reduced my testosterone lvls that much low that i wish i was girl and someone fuck me & thought that i should change my sex wtf thing was i there!!! I used act as man but now i am alpha/sigma male without acting if u keep continueing soon u will develop traits i mentioned above i was lucky that i got to know that i am killing muself


Very inspiring and motivating story.
Now its easy for me to go on this journey without relapsing.

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Yes, a really motivating story with many true aspects.