FINALLY… DAY 40. My longest streak thus far. 40 days of hardmode semen retention (nofap and no sex). I feel great. I have not peeped at porn in these 40 days. Also, I uninstalled instagram from my phone and haven’t been on Instagram these past 40 days. My brain feels reborn. I feel really different to who I was before these 40 days.

I have experienced some key benefits.

Increased energy

5 hrs of sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed.

Clear and glowing skin.

Stronger eye contact.

Random people want to talk to me everywhere I go.

Stares from people, both men and women.

Now, this one benefit happened yesterday night.
I woke up with a deeper voice. At first, when I woke up, I thought that perhaps I had a cold because my voice was raspy but guess what, I do not have a cold, my voice deepened when I hit the 40 day mark. It is a public holiday in my country, so I did not go to work. So during the day, I would just say some random things to myself out loud just to hear my new deepened, raspy voice. I love it so much man.

I went outside for a walk and saw some of my female friends on the street. I had planned to ignore them as I do not want any female distraction at least till I reach 100 days of semen retention. However, these 3 girls saw me and came quickly to say hi. I said hi back with no smile and my voice was so raspy that they could not believe their ears. They thought I had a sore throat or something, but I told them I was not sick. My voice just broke in the night. Mind you, I had not seen these female friends in 40 days just when I started my current streak. They could sense something was different about me but they could not put a finger around it. They kept asking me what I have done to myself because something about me has changed. I still dress the same etc. So I asked them how I have changed and they could not explain at all. All they could say is that they can sense something is different. The power of Semen Retention my Dear brothers.