Day 34 and counting

Day 34 and keeping it

The important thing is knowing your triggers. I watched a lot of hentai stuff more than pornhub so i had to stop watching anime or reading manga because it was a big trigger for me. Also delated mi Facebook and insta cause it was a ome way to Pornhub.

Also have a doublecheck wall meaning mi pc and cellphone are both pornfree thanks to 2 apps blocksite and Pure Web. I also have OpenDNS installed so 3 walls

I read many ppl relapsing over and over. Guys this is an addiction if you can go see a therapist a sexual therapist trust me he/she can help more than you think.
If you are relapsing too often then posting it for support in mi opinion you are looking for acceptance and its not what you need. Relapsing too many times just mean that you cant do it alone.

Finally for all saying 2021 “its going to be the year” if you havent change anything in 24 hours i doubt it.

See this as an addiction and look for professional help.

As for me severe PIED and anxiaty when im with women. I want to change that i want to have normal sex without thinkin please be hard.

After 34 days i have been in flatline also horny as hell. My morning woods have started to appear and also spontaneus erctions that didnt happend from a long.