Day 33 and 1 relapse, started again but failed on 7th day

I am addicted for about 7+ years
Been trying nofap for 2 3 years now
My best streak was when i joined my med school : 56 days

But now this july i tried again, before that there were occasionall streaks and binges

Now i really started, consistency,

So from July 2nd i holded 33 days but i failed at August 5, and i tried again and failed at day 7 August 13

Never binged in these relapses,
I feel i have changed, i can feel it, usually i would binge , that didn’t happen, getting more focus in studies etc

I have stopped movies and Instagram, i relapsed to a video which was coming to my mind repeatedly during my urge , even on my 2nd relapse, that same video is was used by me,

So that video will come again to me right? What should i do ? Any advices on my journey ahead


You’ll hate that video probably for a day or two. But then, it’ll come interesting to you. Which happened to me. Abstaining from a single video is not enough. You may have watched the video on Porn Hub. I never used that, don’t know what it looks like and don’t want to know. Here’s some tips to abstain yourself from relapse:

  1. Don’t use Porn Hub.
  2. Activate “Restricted Mode” on YouTube.
  3. Delete Instagram.
  4. Delete TikTok ( If you have one, then you lost my respect a bit ) :expressionless:
  5. Delete porn or porn - alike content from your device.
  6. Don’t message to girls. ( At least when you have urges )
  7. Try to abstain from your phone.

Now, abstaining from phone works, really. I can swear in 3 - 5 days you’d feel better, just try it.
There’s probably a lot of things make problem to us other than these, but if you would eliminate these ones, you’ll make real progress.


Dude just try FORTIFY to come out of ■■■■ addiction.


FIrst beat this addiction, to come out of mastrubation addiction( words from a wise fapstronuat).
:raised_hand: hi five! if you have joined.


Whatever the storyline of that video is, keep yourself in place of the male character in that video and now imagine whould you do the same thing in your life?

To everyone :- whichever category you used to watch… would you do the same thing in your life?? Would you and how would you face your parents/friends/siblings/relatives etc after doing the thing that you watched in that effin “created” , “unnatural” video ?? (Because most of the porn videos and related to the above mentioned relations)

( For many days, I wanted to put a post on this topic mentioning the above point that i wrote. But it may get triggering so i held back. I thought this would be the right thread to post it. )


No i Don’t have tik tok😂
The video was in utube not pornhub, so disabled tht
Let me try these

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I knew a bit that it’s not from Porn Hub, you would probably feel safer and comfortable in YouTube, that’s a trick that your mind does to you. Don’t go down for it again. Nowhere is safe to feel comfortable. Keep going, best of luck.

Bro if you were using your phone, get blockers and disable YouTube.
Rn I’m using my phone and it has no Social Media, No YouTube and not even Google as even images are relapse. You’re phone will still work, don’t worry :joy:
So if I need to use the above 3, I use my desktop, not a laptop, since that’s also risky.
Also, like me, on your laptops you can disable chrome incognito mode by going to your computer’s CLI