Day 31craving for watching po*n

Don’t what’s happening with me . I’m feeliing the wave sexual urges and craving for watching porn . I’m feeling very lazy and less motivated please help me😥

Hey , well done , 31 days is not easy to achieve :slight_smile:
So dont waste it, u did already put alot of efforts

Try to get out walk, do sport, or call/meet a friend
This will get you out of this state. this worked for me.


Thanks brother for the help . But don’t know what’s going inside me. I’m feeling very lazy and demotivaed

Try to eat healthy like eating more vegetables, exercise even if it’s just a long walk and try to do something that gives you a feeling of an accomplishment. For me that feeling is makelimg woodworking stuff.

Hope these tips help you

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This is called the flatline period from day 30 to day 60, its when your brain is healing your dopamine receptors and when it actually rewiring. So its normal to feel lazy and demotivated simply bcuz your brain is busy fixing itself and focusing with you. This period is the most dangerous period to relapse my friend. In your first month your brain was craving dopamine so relapsing was just losing to your desire. Relapsing now is damaging the rewiring process your brain is undergoing.
As for the cravings in this period. Its literally coming from your thoughts like:
“Why im lazy is nofap not working”
“It seems like im not in a good mood watching porn wont make me relapse”
“Are my tools still working down there”

Whatever comes across your mind never listen to it. Your powers are just loading have patience


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