Day 31 of no PMO. No Nut November November successfully completed. Now to another 30 days in December

Hey guys. I just successfully completed No Nut November yesterday. Today is now 31 days of hard mode semen retention (no fap and no sex). I have not peeked at porn, I have managed to control my mind by having very little sexual thoughts which last no more than 7 seconds.

I feel great, I look great. My face has some glow to it. I feel a significant increase in energy levels. I do not feel empty like how one feels after they pmo.
My stamina has really increased as well even when I do not train.

I play football (soccer) and I have noticed an increase in my stamina. I rarely get tired fast as compared to when I used to fap a month ago. I do not even train everyday like I used to because now I got a good job and I am very busy. However, my stamina is better. This is just miraculous man. Semen retention is how God intended for man to live. This is just 31 days.

My first milestone is 40 days. So 9 more days to go. I also plan to go on a fast during these 9 days to increase the benefits.

There is light at the end of the tunnel my brothers.


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Hey bro. 75 days is really an accomplishment. Get back on the horse brother. I know it’s hard but you have to do it. Get back to 75 days.

How did you feel in thise 75 days? What major changes did you experience?

Thank you bro I appreciate it. When I was on my 75th day, my mind was lite as air and fast as butter. It was focused all the time. Social anxiety was gone and I was high on confidence. Physically I was feeling stronger ever, my skin was gloaing in the light(may u don’t believe it but u can experience it on that level). And I was always full on energy like doing my 12 hours shifts on my job. My behaviour was friendly with everyone and over thinking just gone. There are so much benefits brother when u do the semen retention on hard mode. Peace out : )


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Hey iam @Human108
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Iam 17 yr old Male
My current streak is 14 days and already feeling the benefits and hope it continues