Day 28 feeling asexual is this ok?

Hey guys I am on day 28 and from a week or two I am completely asexual I don’t get the strong urges I used to have and I to a extent feel no sexual desire at all before this once I had gone till 86 days but this feeling is new can anyone give insight or clear things lil I don’t even feel anything towards my wife lil sacred


Don’t worry, this thing happened to many of us, your urge and sexual desires will come after 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes it takes more time to get back those things. just don’t try to open a p site and check your thing, it will make you relapse, your brain just reseting the dopamine level.


This is a kind of flatline. Your libido is off. Your mind is processing the change you are going through. It can be quite different for everyone and can be different for different streaks.
During my 98 day streak, I mostly had this. It can be scary at times and it can demotivate you, because you might think more about ED/PIED more. Even if you don’t suffer from these, you might think you are. But don’t be afraid, it is the process of healing. Endure it, like you endure the itching of a healing wound.


This is normal i had this too around day 28 or so. This is the time your brain is healing itself!! Its trying to find a different way to pleasure since it doesnt get pleasure anymore. Its carving a different way i think its important to do your hobbies and passions in this period . And since its healing time so its best if you dont peek or even look at p*** so that the brain doesnt go back to being where it was


Thanks a lot guys still feeling same but knowing it is a part of recovery just builds more confidence to stick it out thanks a lot no plans to peek I got this😎


Went through same faze during my longest streak. Do not check your libido with po/n as suggested in one of the comments above. You can check your erection in the mornings. I think brain at this point is going through rewire process, taking out po*n sex style (hardcore unnatural sex that our brain is trained for during PMO sessions). At this point you should start visualizing your wife as primary and natural sex object, start to enrich your sex life. Talk with your partner, maybe using some new stuff, clothing and toys that will bring to you more joy and make you forget about PMO.

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