Day 2 of nofap (experience

I am today will be my day 2 of nofap, last night i had a restfull sleep except for the nightmare. Today morning i woke up earlier than usual when i am doing online schooling, i usually sleep for 8 hrs but still feel exhausted, but today strangly i woke up early feeling like a Milloin bucks and even had time to complete my full exercise routine. I got some slight urge/temptation 8n themornimg but… was able to easily power though and keep my score. I still feel lime my energy is not at max but i can feel a difference of what 2 days feel of nofap.

In conclusion the benefits that i have experienced with nofap are:

restfull sleep
better mood in morning
more energy
gaining confidence.

I can feel you brother, I am also at same phase.
Why don’t we maintain same and whatever energy we feel we use it efficiently at right place.

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Yessir we in this together​:fist_right::sparkles::fist_left:

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