Day 16 without PMO

Today is day 16, I’m in the mindset where im so busy at work that my brain thinks I don’t have time to musturbate, and it allows new neural pathways to form in my brain, the old addictive neural pathways, which are known as delta fos b slowly fade away, and PMO no longer becomes a habit, you eventually learn to say no when an urge hits. Doing this by itself will not help you overcome this addiction, there are other things you must do, that includes meditation for improving self control, exercise for fitness and releasing those endorphins, and cold showers for when an urge hits, especially for strong urges. These tools are the reasons I have been able to go long enough without PMO, the longest I’ve been so far is 22 days, and my aim is to go longer without it, but without focusing too much on the number of days.