Day 16: The fall of the mighty swordsman

Never be overconfident and challenge your urges unnecessarily.

Sometimes power can make a man mad. I became too confident in my ability to resist temptation, I jumped into enemy territory and challenged it. The enemy was deceptive. It made me think that I was winning and then there was a hidden surprise attack. And I fell on the ground with just one thought in my mind:

“I was already lost before I entered the enemy territory.”

I didn’t look at the signs. On Day 14, I rewinded a video to see the painting of a naked women that caught me off guard. If I couldn’t control my urge to rewind the video, how can I expect to win in enemy territory? My eyes are full of shame, I fall because I blinded myself with over confidence. And here I am lying on the ground. Surrounded by enemy laughter. I cannot move my body, so the enemy knew I am going to die and left me there dying. Everything is lost, my power, my mind, my confidence, my sword! I am no longer a swordsman. I am nothing.

And by accepting my fall, I closed my eyes…

Male Voice: Hey! come here fast! Someone is on the ground.
Female Voice: Oh no! He is bleeding heavily. What shall we do?
Male Voice: Hang in there buddy, there is a healer nearby, I will get you there.

Healer: My my, the wound is too deep
Female Voice: What happened?
Healer: It is much early for questions my dear, he is almost dead. Lets bring him back to life first.
Female Voice: I am sorry…

A strange light flashed before my eyes, my eyes twitched, so I opened my eyes. A very beautiful sunlight.

Am I in heaven?

Healer: You should have been in heaven if they didn’t brought you hear on time.

Thanks… Thank you…

Male Voice: So what happened?

I got overconfident. I lost!

Female Voice: I don’t understand, please tell us more.

I was on a nofap streak and have been successfully defeating my urges. I became so powerful that the Rewire kingdom made me a Swordsman. But on Day 15, the day I became a Swordsman, I got overconfident and intentionally erected my penis to see how I was in total control over it. I let it stay erected for a long time thinking I can put it down without fapping. And I was successful. But I was a fool! It was a trap! The next day I had a desire to measure my penis size. I thought I was in control but the enemy attacked my mind and I lost control. I then watched porn and fapped. And the next thing I know was that I am fallen to the ground. Thank you for saving my life. But I feel so lost that I don’t even know what shall I do.

Healer: Young man. Your story reminds of the words written in The Art of War by Sun Tzu:

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

But do not worry, the very fact that you are alive means you are given another chance by God. But this time, be careful. You won’t be lucky every time. That said, you need at least 15 days of rest to pick up your sword and fight.

My sword? I thought I lost it.

Healer: Yes, it was lost indeed. Until a wanderer found and brought it here.

Thank you so much for all the help. I will not make this mistake again.

Healer: It is alright young man. We all make mistakes. You are not defeated when you fall. You are only defeated when you give up. May God’s blessing be with you.


Overconfidence always leads to downfall.
Get back and show the urges who is the real warrior.


Thanks @Gaelyang, I will.

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