Day 14, I am not anymore addicted but still need Advices

Hey dear community

I hope you stay in track to follow your dream to get a better life and still fighting against what made our life miserable :muscle::rose:.

I have some Questions, I hope to get reply :slight_smile:

1)I am doing during 2 month hard workout for full body with 10 Kg dumbbells for each hand following a great and free app for Workout.
Any advices to get bigger chest and biceps?

2)during my bulk Periode that started 2 month ago , I gained 6 kg. For how much time should I bulk? I didn’t get yet a visible gain in chest shoulder and biceps?

3)Sometimes I would like to try workout with resistance band. It is recommended for men to try boot workout with squads and other exercise or it s destinated for Woman.

4)how to hide all excplicit picture of female in Instagram, they are blathering me and I prefer to see only covered picture not half nacked.

5)I am getting nocturnal transpiration since I started this Challenge. Are there any relation between?

Thanks guys for Answering

  1. For bigger chest and biceps you have to lift heavier. Or you need to exhaust muscles till failure. But for me, lifting heavy pumped my muscles pretty good
  2. Theres good bulking and bad bulking. Bulking without corresponding intensity of excercise will mean u won’t see visible results. Again. Start lifting heavy or till failure with low weights
  3. You can do using that. Its much better than dumb bells
  4. I dunno man. I just see memes on insta
  5. don’t worry, your body is just letting out excess seminal fluid…

My advice for bigger and defined chest, back, biceps and legs

  • For chest - Go for supersets and dropsets
  • Biceps - lift slow and steady. Slow on the eccentric part of the rep. Thats when you will tare those muscles down
  • Back- Pullups. I thank pull ups for my “V” taper
  • Legs- For bulking use the leg press and use 50-100 kg weights. Or just do squats
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  1. First of all it all depends on what exercises you are doing specifically, or what workout routine you are following. I would recommend the plan I follow coz I workout from home, but it will be difficult for you coz you have 10 kg dumbbells. Chest is one such area where gains are mostly seen when the weight is heavier. You can try doing floor presses or push-up variations. For biceps, any curls be it hammer curls or straight curls or any other variations, it will be fine.
    But the most important thing is your nutrition. If you don’t eat enough you won’t gain enough muscle. Make sure you are eating enough protein and enough calories per day as a whole. If you want to try it out I’ll send the links to my workouts. You can try it out. Just lemme know.

  2. Experts say a bulk should last atleast for a period of 6 months to see visible gains. You’re only at 2 months. But then again it depends on your weight and height and If you are comfortable with your current body fat percentage. I still recommend you go full 6 months and see how much you have changed and see if you wanna bulk further. I bulked for 10 months and now I’ve been on a cut for 2 months.

Where did you see gains then?

3.yes it’s very important to workout you hips and glutes aka your butt. You can do resistance band if you want but bodyweight is still fine. I do bodyweight myself. You can get a lot of glutes strengthening workouts on YouTube

  1. You can’t hide any specific pictures you can just block the account who is posting those pictures. Unfollow all models and stuff. It’ll be fine then

  2. Yes bro it’s completely normal. Don’t be bothered by it. It’s supposed to be a sign of healing. Stay on track and keep going!:+1::muscle::muscle:


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