Day 13 - almost fell today

I honestly can’t believe I made it to day 13.
It’s purely by the grace of God that I avoided watching ****. I felt really tired today and felt like “rewarding” myself by taking a rest in bed and fapping. I was then reminded about how strong I feel now and how much energy I have. Yes, I “could” do it, but is it worth it? Adding to the difficulty was the fact that I had a headache. Probably due to my stopping watching ****. I will get past this. Almost at day 15. Can’t wait for the next level! Going from strength to strength and yet being careful as it is all too easy to grow too confident and fall.


Extraordinary! Always remember it’s never worth it! I’m inspired by your journey, don’t let your guard down against p.

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Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement! Just 3 more hours till I get to day 15. I’m alone now as I have to work late. I don’t want to lose my progress as I feel great! I’ll keep you updated. Hope things are going well with you!!

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