Day 11, I need advice please help me

Hey I am in my day 11

My motivation was that I stop doing the old habits and to dont See women anymore like just Object. Today I need advices from the community, I feel miserable due to covid19 I am not enable to go flirt with women, online no one want to reply me, I feel fucking lonely, als a man I need spiritual contact with the opposite sex but there is no one. I need advice before I relapse and watch online the beauties
Thank and waiting for replying


@Makrona Are you really a man if you’re so dependent on women?
Don’t get me wrong, women are vital parts of our lives as men, but that does’t mean we can’t live without interacting with them every second. And that doesn’t mean you should choose porn, the easy route, instead of manning up and doing something which will benefit you.

Day 11 is a good streak. If you have free time, work out, or read a good book or something. Don’t relapse, read this instead-

Thanks bro for your advice
It wasn’t what I need, the article of P**** addiction. Was too long and without picture so boring to read it.

I mess up this time, I watched in YouTube compilation of model with nice bikini for one minute and my Dick has exposed with 11 Days of Semen retention. I wished that I had a girlfriend to give her the Golden Milk :grin:.

But you know what, this time I feel not guilty to mess up and didn’t achieve the 90 Days, I feel free and the hole stress was evaporated.

I am not giving up, I will try again :hugs:,
I will never say never, keep going

Bruuuhhhhhhhh , i’m sorry to say u sound like a human predator. Females are not only for sex with males, u have to understand , take care of her. Being in relationship doesn’t mean having sex with girl.


Sorry man I gotta say as well, you sound like a complete asshole.

  1. You don’t need interaction with females, especially not just to satisfy your lust, you need decent social interaction with both sexes. You gotta learn that the only relationship between men and women isn’t sexual and that may be why you have so much trouble with them.
  2. I think many of the brothers here will agree with me when I say what the fuck do you mean you don’t feel guilty?. If you are ok with masterbation and watching porn and sexualizing women then why are you here. This isn’t something we do because it’s fun and we feel like it. We do this to improve ourselves and become better human beings. If you can just think anytime to yourself that you relapsed but you’re ok with it, then you don’t have the right mindset going into this. Please, look at your life and ask yourself why you’re doing this, and find yourself some real conviction
  3. This may sound similar to number one and that’s probably because you really need to drill this into your head. Even saying anything related to giving women your golden milk is disgusting, seriously. Again, women aren’t sexual object. If you have a personal relationship with a female, and you truly love this woman, there’s no way I can believe you would say something like that.

I say all of these things not to discourage you to quit this challenge, I say them to discourage the side of you not taking this seriously and thinking that the way you are is ok. Take a hint from the fact that women won’t respond to you online and realize there’s probably a reason. Next chance you get try not thinking of her sexually and try talking to her as if she’s a guy, and you’re just having a good conversation. Take the challenge seriously if you are serious about improving your life. If you’re ok with who and how you are then this might not be right for you.
Please, take this game we call life seriously and do something good for it. If you truly do, maybe you’ll eventually get the rewards that good men get.
Best of luck

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