Day 103 pls read my post snd I hope it will help

My classmate sent me pics of porn stars on whatsApp
Firstly I started feeling like that down there i m going to ejaculate without even touching
Then I automatically started feeling that no that’s not real these pornstars have gone many surgeries to their body parts for looking like that and seriously I felt like that they are looking very ugly and unnatural.
Before this thinking urges were extreme but then urges were gone
We need to understand that these are not real
Your wife will never wants to go through surgery of her body parts just to satisfy your fantasy
Be real and be a man
Have a nice streak
Peace :fire::+1::metal::heart:


Stay strong brother…

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In my opinion, surgery or not, its their body bro, its upto them… Being a pornstar is a profession to them, there’s a demand there and they earn well, and again, its their life… Also, its an act, just like movies so, real pleasure is not really involved when there are 10s of people around telling them how their expressions should be, and so on…

From a Christian point of view, things change, what we did is a sin and what they do is a sin too as our body is god’s temple. But again, its not our job to judge them…

What matters is whats important to us, what we want to do… I repeat, it’s not about them, its about us. Porn is not good, its not good for us physically as well as mentally, we love ourselves and we want to get better and break free of this addiction and so we quit PMO.


tell your class mate not to annoy you anymore like that
cuz if he keeps sending you pics you might get fooled by your own brain


Bro, these porn stars and their videos give you the perception that you’re actually having sex with them. While this is not the reality.
They don’t even care about your existence. They’re only their for money, which they get by ruining your brain without ever letting you touch them. They will never let you touch them, let alone having sex with them.
And you, like a cuck watch those women have sex with some other guy and fap assuming that you’re that guy , while you can’t even feel the touch of any part of her body. You don’t even have the money to buy her. But your stupid brain tricks you into assuming that she loves you and she will have sex with you whenever, wherever and however you’ll want.
Beat these urges man. They are not real. These women are not real. You don’t know them. Accept that you made mistakes and move ahead. Day 103 is no small achievement and I believe that you can take it on forever.