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New here! The most challenging part of the day for me is the night, right before I sleep. Because then I am alone and by myself completely. I am kicking off a minor routine of not touching my phone unless absolutely neccerssary after the dinner. I will be using this space as a journal and hopefully get some comanions along the way.
Thank you!


Welcome @mayenk_p !!! We’re happy to have you with us. I strongly recommend that you use the Rewire app during the night and talk to other members of the community. Motivate and encourage others and they will do the same for you. Whatever you give to people, people will give to you in return.

Using the app to help others will take away those urges, especially at night. Get to know the other members of the community and help them. Remember, if you want help, you have to be willing to help others. I hope this helps.

Stay Clean, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:



First of all welcome my dear friend to this amazing community. Be busy and be productive. I’m sure you’ll win over it. :slightly_smiling_face:


That seems to be a very nice idea. I will surely do that. Hopping to connect with the community.

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