Day 1 after relapse

AGE 17
addicted for 3 years I guess

Day 1 again

Why I relapsed

I was unable to do meditation and exercise

I fell sick with high fever hence could not control my self while lying on bed for long hours

But still I don’t blame other stuffs for the relapse and I take its full responsibility

My highest streak is 18 days with many 12s and 10s

Starting again today

. Enabling restricted mode on YouTube

. Going to follow my schedule of meditation and exercise nomatter what ever happens

. Cleaning some of the things from life that create urges

.increasing meditation period

. Going to write here everyday here for sure

Day 1

Mantra Meditation done for 23 minutes

Pushups 13 normal Pushups

5 knee Pushups

I need a help
Guys I am unable to cope up with my study plan I plan to study for 4 hours but unable to study for 1 hours properly too

It was not the case before last year I used to study for straight 6 to 8 hours but now I dont know what’s happening when I sit to study I get distracted easily and unable to focus and I lack of motivation please help me cause I have to clear NEET and I am unable to study If someone can help please message me please I request :pray::pensive:.

ALSO if someone is untrested in keeping track on my progress from day 1 you can follow me I will write every day after completing my day or in night break in study hour.

ALSO Watch “Mantras for Deep Inner Peace | 8 Powerful Mantras” on YouTube

It may help you in mantra meditation no it’s not promotion I came across this and thought it may help you.

And yeah if someone can help me with my study hours then please message me :pray:.

THANK YOU :slight_smile: