Day 1,173 and Beyond sharecode uckxjs

Well it came to me and I chose to keep it as a finishing line. Was that a question or observation? Already explained it many times.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


7 days left

Yes I’m hammering the last few days, deal with it. Got writing paper,pens and envelopes for daily written log for prayers. Or whatever my creation mind desires to develop. CREATION over REACTION is the key in Semen Retension. Think about it.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


5 days left

Been weird week worth of dreams for sure. Between Walking Dead spin off to seeing actual reptilians in dreams. Anyone else have similar things,learnt to keep out sexual dreams before this Journey so was ready for it. Armed dream wise to combat it.

Spiritually(whatever word you chose)attacked day time because at night in dreams I’m different. Yes lust was an issue, only dealing with over aggression right now. That’s whats cycling does tempers it down

1000 days is an challenge in a single shot but not impossible. I’m just about there now. I’ll make it beyond who knows? It’ll strip you of all you don’t need and require you to know what you desire most. Then focus on that reason, push through it and you’ll make it

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


Very wise words brother! :100:
I am remembering it now! :+1:

Write it down and leave it where you see it EVERY day. Put down your goal next to it as a reminder to you. Smart men learn from there errors wise men learn from others.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

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4 days left

Getting more on edge not worried just stress from bank stuff and listening to Rittenhouse trail b.s. My questions are what are we being redirected to by this and who hired these guys? I barely following it and can ask better questions.

Moving on. NNN is useless without a goal or drive. This is a lifestyle not a fad. Me? I got a end date in mind not going to let current climate change my thinking. Wheither Wheither it’s on 3 year mark or 3 1/2 it’s my choice. Shame a bad tactic to get others to fall in line.

Sex is great with open communication with your partner. Fill both needs and its fun,use each others body and it’s not. Young boys need to listen and actively engage. The simplest solution appears easy but difficult to apply daily.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


3 days left

We’ll see how the last few days go. Odds are I’ll extend it just how much is to be seen. I’ve pretty much made it in on shot as the goal was to. I’m interested in others thought on the hyper aggression during their Journey and its effects on your views…

This is an experience of self awareness more then control. Cause and effect. I’d say mostly positive by far and helpful. I recommend at least one long term stretch in ones lifetime. Just how long that’s up to you. Is it a lifestyle change or a sports training for a set period of time? Think don’t react.

I love you but can’t learn it for you brother.

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2 days left

Been interesting last days going to be mellow. My belief says this. What I’m mentally clear, yes I’m horny but thats under wraps. I see it’s a choice now not a mechanical habbit. Fear and cultural shame was in the drivers seat. No more, not one more step!!!

Short and simple works not often taken seriously often enough. Complex great for computers but who has to program them or debug? Think about it.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

1 day left

Well from jacking just to get to sleep, yes I’m certain most guys done it at some point. To comfortable in my own skin. Lust is oversold everywhere and the shame that goes with sexual desires. Open communication with you and your partner is needed. All ideas start small and need time to grow.

The question is how to combat a idea firmly set in the minds of others? LOVE unconditional at that. As to how ask your creator, I’m just sparking ideas here…

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

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1000 DAYS!!!

If you read my message on the board you’ll see my next jump from here. Yes porn still exists in the world and yes people are addicted to it. But communities are rising up against the industry and potential dangers to its effects. Its the individuals choice of free will that’s at stake.

The choice not to be bombarded with sexual themed ads or any other version of it. It starts in the home much like anything else. FAMILY values and FREE WILL. Start here and watch porn effects die off.

I love you brother but I can’t learn it for you


Congrats brother for achieving a massive milestone. Only people like u can achieve this. I am just trash.

I don’t blame you. I can’t even learn for myself.

Be very careful on what you say after “I AM…” The whole world was spoken into reality by words. We all have to create ourselves to what we think we are. Not others options. Message me if you need help back on your path.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


But can a tortoise be a tiger if he keep on chanting " I am the tiger " etc. Its already become a reality brother.

Thank you but I generally prefer talking here because I am scared you might find me as an annoying person.

Wouldn’t offer it if that was the case. We all learn at different pace.

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In a general case, I am not an annoying person. I rarely asks for help. I like to do the things by myself.

Could you please tell me how do you push yourself when things get hard ?

I cycle when it’s hard. Also have a morning routine I stick to bible studies app,prayers and fasting(depending on the need). Read my whole Journey page and reach out to ones I’ve directed. It’s a community. Build yourself up have a goal set it and hit it hard.


Thank you brother for the advice. Its such a blessing to see you here. Thank you so much once again.

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I have been reading your diary for a while and its quite motivating brother thankyou so much
Also congratulations for biggest milestone
You rocked brother :100::zap::fire::v:t2:

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