Day 0 of no fapping

I have an addiction to porn and fapping, i know it’s bad for most parts and i know that i regret it everytime but i still come again and do my shame deed, i rlly just wan’t to focus on my energy it eats me outside and inside. It is like a drug


You have a community here that is willing to support you. I know you can beat this brother


Thank you homie
Appreciate it


Never give up brother. One day, You will be proud of yourself that you never surrendered in front of urge. Defeat that one urge, that might be your way to achieving a high streak. Stay Busy and Stay Strong Buddy…! :100::fire: :muscle:


Just remember one thing during an urge (i said this many times :sweat_smile:, hope you are going to read this first time and remember it forever
:upside_down_face:) , this was once in message board and it is stucked in my head.

When it is not satisfying me even after doing it a thousand times, then how will it satisfy me by doing it one more time?

Just ask this to yourself whenever an urge hit you.


I’ll remember that forever. I’ve been searching for stuff like this.
Well anybody please help me I’m new with this type of app and forum and don’t know how it works. Is it similar to any other social platforms like insta or so… I don’t even where it will pop up after writing this reply.

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How can i forget this!! :pensive::pensive:, what a coincidence!!!

Well brother you can create your own topic , you can ask questions and solutions to your problem .

I have never used it so i can’t say anything, but you can follow anyone or anyone can follow using your sharing code, and no one post dirty and shitty pics/videos here unlike insta or other social media .

It will pop up on the thread and the thread with the latest post, comes on the top.


So till now I learnt using this quote feature but how does this follow feature work?
I mean will I have to go to everyone profile and search for follow button? Or simply with sharing code stuff…

That’s something appreciable. For no gap journey things like those act as distraction so I have uninstalled all other social apps as I am not in need for them.

Well I want to know about the diary, conversation, challenge, etc. which are shown in here.

You may find their sharing code in the profile but can’t follow them from their profile directly , in the forum.

Diary is for your daily journals,and other things like discussion, challenge etc. options represent their use themselves , if you want a discussion about a topic then go for discussion, it’s that easy .

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