Day 0. Need serious companion for hard mode, long term

Sharing code - a3ee06

Current steak - 0 days
Highest steak - 500 days
Age - 28 (Optional)
Gender - M (Optional)
Location - India (Optional)

Why I want a companion - from today I a starting hard mode . My rules no porn allowed. Masturbation only allowed incase of any medical related issue due to not doing it for long term and no intimate relationship allowed out of marriage. At present single planned to Marry after two years.

My weakness: while in no fap , after many day say for example 400 days , I gradually forget the purpose of no fap and out of too much curiosity build up again started to watch porn. This happened almost five times before while I was trying to be in hard mode.

So this time I want to stop this cyclic behaviour once and for all.

I need a serious companion for long term , so we could help eachother out to recover from porn addiction.

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Bro my code is 1861da . I am on day 61 . I am also trying hardmode life …let’s do together . Bro your code is showing invalid …tell your new code

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I am also with you @anon95821051

Thank u for the reply. Sorry I forgot to mention Ian single at present and planned to Marry after two year. So actually I mean to say I will be at hard mode as per your definition…

Ok code corrected.i have added you .

Thank you. Mistakenly entered wrong code, now updated check it…

Hey are you succeeded

1e2bj8 is my code. Pls add a d lets be long term companions to stop fapping forever. I’m new too so we can help each other out day by day

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Man, I feel you…
I’m tired of this as well. Just got out of binging week.
Best streak 90
Current streak 0.
Add me, let’s do this.


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Bro are you tamil ? Because of your name, I guess you are tamil

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