David's journey

Day 0: Hello everyone, Im David and I suffer form pmo addiction, after several times of trying to quit this and failing several times I’ve realised how dangerous this is being for my life, It’s taking my time to study my self steam, taking my time to enjoy my passions and a long etc that I won’t mention because otherwise I’ll never finish. I want my life to be better I want to be proud of myself. I also, because of porn ended up developing another kind of fetishism or weird addiction which is the cybersex and this is what’s definitely killing m, I feel worthless showing my body to woman that I even don’t know who they are, Im better than this I can do more, that’s the biggest reason why I’m doing this to have control of my life and Im sure this time will be one.
I hope this diary helps as a reminder, a remainder that I have to stay strong, to not let down the people who amdire me for who I am, I don’t want to be anymore a fake image


Great decision to address your shortcomings and weaknesses. Set some tangible goals for yourself, career wise, money wise etc, they will help you a lot on this journey and keep you away from the shithole of PMO. Stay Strong :smile:

Thanks man, I appreciate the support I’ll definitely put your advice on practice.

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