Dating a girl. Should I try having sex?

Hi guys,

I’ve tried nofap before and I’ve been able to abandon porn and have normal sexual desire for women. That happened between october 2019 and january 2020, when I relapsed.

Then, I’ve tried to rewire some times last year, but I wasn’t able to reach a relevant mark, nothing more than 30 days.

But I’ve been alone, not engaging in a relationship for 5 years now, and I’m 27, it’s been very frustrating and I even started thinking, at some point, that I maybe was born to be alone. And in this time, I think that an association between no sex at all and frequent PMO obliterated my libido (although I’ve never been a hardcore masturbator, limiting myself to some times a week, almost never more than once a day, and rarely achieving a mark like 7 times a week).

But then, last november I decided to try and rewire again, and I was being succesful. But I met a girl and things are advancing. We actually had some oportunities to have sex and mostly I just masturbated her or gave her oral sex, because my johnson’s not working well. Sometimes it gets hard or sort of hard and I was even able to penetrate her once.

Do you think that it’s ok to continue doing stuff and trying intercourse, receiving blowkob and handjob? Or those things counts as relapses?

This girl is really starting to like me, and I’m getting very interested too. And I’m so tired of being alone. It would be so frustrating for both of us and humiliating for me to ask her to stop trying for, I don’t know, 90 days? That sounds like a nightmare to me. And, on top of that, to risk the first oportunity that I have to be in a relationship for, I don’t know, maybe 4 years… It would be really a nightmare.


I think you can try some “help”. My urologist prescribed me take a pill of cialis 5mg and is wonderful.
Part of the rewire process is connect again with all senses, but I still work in it. Now I only take 2-3 pills in the week and works well and some days no one is needed.
Good luck!


Hey, man.
So, let me try to help you. I’m not the best for it because I plan to have sex only after marriage, but I’ll try.

Firstly, it’s nothing wrong on having sex with this girl. The nofap is purely PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm). So, if you are not doing it in yourself, watching porn and so on, it isn’t wrong. Oral sex, masturbating your girl, receiving handjob/blowjob is basically the same as sex, so no stress.

If you aren’t opting for Monk Mode, only hard mode, this is your chance to say goodbye to masturbation and be there for your girl.

But, about the problem you wrote (not getting hard enough), I advise you to get help from a M.D. He’ll prescribe you some medicine/vitamins to help you obtain better results, give you advice to someday stop using these medicines and stuff.

Therefore, I congratulate you and wish you happiness alongside this girl. Give it all to her and don’t look back at Porn.

Wish you the best.