Dark Ass Circles

Hey, is there anyone who sufferred with the problem of excessive dark circles on their face under the eye and cured it ? My problem is not exactly just fap related, I think the use of tech and also improper sleep has contributed to dark circles. I’m working on fixing all that.
Also, there is the case of spectacles. I used specs for years now and very recently only switched to contacts. Glasses also have contributed to these permanent looking dark marks on my nose and stuff. It genuinely pisses me off man, its like when I look in the mirror everyday, I see a coomer’s face and this dark circles has much to do about it. Even when I sleep properly they are still there. How do I fucking get rid of them? Anyone has experience with them, especially the marks that come from wearing glasses all the time? Any home remedy or anything that helped you? If yes, please do give me any advice to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance guys :smile:

Search google आंखों के काले घेरे कैसे मिटाये या फिर home remedies for dark circles. You will get lots of solutions.

You can also search eye cream for dark circles on Amazon or flipkart.

I literally thought they were dark circles on your ass XD

I don’t know any remedies… besides good sleep, good diet and some Vaseline


Yeah bro i wanted to know if theres anyone who tried anything and actually worked for them, so I know exactly what to do, how long and how the effect would be.

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OP can Google by himself. He is asking if anyone has experienced this and actually has a remedy.


The reason for dark circles is almost always the lack of sleep/improper sleeping pattern (duration, brief time periods etc.) The best way to get rid of them would be to build a sleep schedule. Other remedies include alovera gel or mud packs or gram-flour & tumeric mixture. Take good care of your skin. Once the discolouration is dealt with, massages will help you to make the skin smooth and supple. Also eat healthier. Smooth and young looking skin comes from a healthy diet.


Do you wear glasses…if yes.
Use the borderless one…and limit its usage but not at the cost of your eyes :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I used to, and I’m sure all that contributed to the dark marks and patches around nose and eyes.
Now for the past week or so I’m wearing contacts and ditched glasses.:smile::smile:

I’ve had them, but they dissapeared as I started working out, implementing good diet, drinking 3L+ water everyday - and a good sleep (7 to 8 hours, 6 was not enough for me)