Dairy products ? Yes or no

Is consuming milk and milk products like paneer safe nowadays?? I have heard that the quality of milk has dropped down to such a extent that consuming it could be harmful for our body. What are your opinions?? Let me know.

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I don’t really consume any dairy products, so I can’t help you there. I get acne if I consume dairy, that’s why

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Okay :sweat_smile: no problem. Thanks for answering

Depends on where you live, milk is not same everywhere. Change the store from where you buy milk if you dont like it.

Media likes to exaggerate everything and magnify problems projecting them way bigger than they are. Dairy products are very good source of protein for a vegetarian. You can use them without thinking twice. Also, I’ll advise you to eat more yoghurt/ curd than drink milk, since it’ll help more.

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Not only media but some reasearchs have also shown this.

Hello @Deeepp I don’t know how your question relates to NoFap but it’s interesting :laughing:

I know quite some people who have told me how ditching dairy products like cow’s milk, cheese etc. has improved their skin, scalp and health overall. Of course it’s their personal account but there are studies supporting those experiences. If you ask me, don’t consume it.

Take care.

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I can’t live without drinking milk :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any animal product is harmful in some way. No product is 100% safe to be honest except natural ones. An alternative for cow milk would be almond milk( especially for those who has skin and digestive problems)


Well, like milk consumption of anything differs from person to person. Some can’t eat products containing glucose or nuts or fish( iodine allergies).

It differs from person to person some are lactose intolerant meaning the body can’t really process the milk or diary products due to an enzyme problem, this could get potentially dangerous. To get some intestinal infections, very painful blocked digestive tract. This also depends on the form of consumption and quantity. Some are allergic to dairy products. But it is not always incase of the milk.

As some cheeses nowadays are sliced and instant, they contain a sort of preservatives and the long life milks too.

For yourself it depends on what milk you drink too. Obviously your body reacts to the taste, texture and what is in the products.

If you drink long life milk, well personally not my favorite as it sometimes tastes more then the container then the milk and some brands however tend to create constipation, Irritable bowel. This could be because of the packaging or preservatives.

Well, some say don’t drink low fat milk and some say do. Well, in the argument is actually the fat and that is is unhealthy to consume too much of it due to the fat content. Some say the fat has more nutritional value for our bodies and could promote the absorption of the milks nutritional value to get more calcium and we do need fats in our diet. So this one is a consumer desicion. An obvious one as one might make you feel bad and taste bad then the other one.

Don’t know much about plant based milk. So I am not going to say much about them.

Also like much going on the world the vegetarian group has a lot of influence nowadays. Hear me out I do respect them in their decisions and like every aspect some will go the extra mile to convert others to it too. Like in faiths and environmentalist people tend to get carried away and in some cases discredit the things we do.

It has happend a lot of times even in the times of the famous inventors like Tesla and Eddison and so on. If they braught out something some people deemed it evil. Also the inverters I mentioned raged a war on who’s invention is the best. The AC/DC war. Okay sure one would profit more from it and so discrediting the other one’s invention was a great way to convince other people to use the invention you’ve designed and to forget the other inventions.

Nowadays we are in a world flooded with info and since some of the stuff are true on the internet or media we tend to trust that most of the info is true. So yeah it is a scary world and we can’t trust everything we read. All of us have different views, thoughts, ideas and opinions about stuff and we need to be careful on what we know is real and what we are getting precived to be real and also make our own decisions and experiences and explore all tipes of factors within one specific thing.

Well, it is up to you whether you use dairy products or not. Question is if you consume it what does it do to you? How do you feel? What does it taste or influnce your body? This is how I think you should judge and experiment with it.

For me it isn’t a problem. I drink full cream milk , eat most cheeses and yogurts. I love my dairy products, because I like the taste, textures and thankfully not getting sick because of it and still feeling good about them.

Hope this helps bro good luck stay strong and awesome !

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Thank you so much bro for your perspective.

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