Daily Goals of Kaizen

Day 1

:white_check_mark: planning for the next day
:white_check_mark: study 4+ hours
:white_check_mark: meditation
:white_check_mark: walking outside
:white_check_mark: set multiple alarms for tomorrow
:white_check_mark: 1 percent better than yesterday

So, today was kind of a disaster. :sweat_smile:
Firstly my alarm didn’t work, so oversplet quite a bit. It pretty much fucked up the rest of the routine. :sweat_smile: Had to do a bit of family related work as well.
But I somehow salvaged the rest of the day and managed to study 4 and a half hours.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Meditation : 30 minutes
  2. Exercise
  3. Phone usage < 2 hours
  4. Music consumption < 30 minutes

:notes: :notes: :notes:


Finally found some active thread,
Have you forgotten me @Kaizen :smirk:
I would like to tell you all these I was planning how can I defeat you ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think this time It will be easier to defeat you in the study war and becoming the better than yesterday one too!
December is going to begin, And I challenge myself to do the best I can and put all efforts.

What I was thinking I too wanted to create a thread to keep my record in there. But I find it pretty boring just posting alone and no one there to challenge you !

So, I want to take your permission, that I should do post my goals and my daily report in here.
only if you allow me to.
And if u agree change the name too. Because forum now a days has become a lot way boring. Lets make it interesting all together.
I will give my daily report.
You are free to deny this, If you want to carry out to your own brother.
It was just a piece of advice.

I leave all up to you.
Keep up the good work brother !


Nani?? :scream:

You’re still alive!! I thought I killed you bro! :cold_sweat:
It seems I underestimated your power level, you were hiding it all this time. :anguished:

Of course! Go at it bro! I’ll ask for your daily report at the end of each day. Let’s see who can do better in living upto his own standards.

Sure! What name do you suggest?
I kind of intentionally named it like this, so that I can only focus on my goals and habits, in opposed to being poetic or an intellectual and writing walls of text, wasting a lot of precious time in the process.


No It’s Fine, I thought to name it with two persons like versus or warrior. Ahhh ! none the less I drop this Idea this name is fine brother and thank you bro I will be posting things up here. So, that this thread do not close. I created many threads but were not regular in them.
I think I will be posting my performance every single day.
Well let’s begin
Best of luck to You
I am not the same person as I was before beware ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
See you at 10:00 pm
Day 1 begins


If you are creating a study group… I am in …


Yes, I can sense your chakra all the way from here. :laughing:

All right!
I’m looking forward to it.


Congratulations on completing 50 days beo. I hope this journey never stops.


Thanks man :pray:
It will never stop, I can garuntee that.
Next up is the 100 day mark. :triumph:

And great job on your end as well. :ok_hand:
6 more days, and you’ll be at day 30. :star_struck:


@Kaizen bro keep calm …and slowly achieve the success…I think this is the highest streak…very nice…:muscle::muscle:


Congratulations brother ! @Kaizen
You inspired me to do the same.
I will too this time. I promise that I will have a streak of 90+ this time.
And that’s a promise.


LET’S GO BRO! @Kaizen

Day 50!! I will come up with you soon brother!!
Reach 100 days. Remember both of us promised to reach 3 digit streaks! :fire:


You will not relapse from 1st Jan stay strong :muscle::muscle::muscle: @Kaizen @Ash_Matt now your streak is going to look like 400 days…just maintain bro like this 50 days
Dont forget to practice breathing exercise…


Appreciate your support man :pray:

You are one of those people whom I look up to.
And yes, you’re right. This is my highest streak. But nowhere near the actual streak that I’m gonna turn it into.

The last man standing challenge that you’ve made…

I’m gonna be the winner :trophy: of that. Mark my words bro. :triumph:

Along with you, of course. :wink:


Thanks a lot buddy. :pray: You inspire me too. The rate you’re learning and progressing is really amazing. It won’t take you half the time that it took me to get this far. And I have no doubt that you’ll surpass 90 days, it’s just a matter of time.

You are the true successor of L :wink:

Not talking about near :laughing:
Maybe someone even better than L :thinking:


I never forget my promise brother. I will get the 3 digits. And I know you will too. Our streaks are only 5 days apart. And I want it to stay it that way for the next 60 days.

We can do this man. Let’s pull each other towards victory for the remaining days.

Whatever happens, no quitting this time.

There are no excuses left, no escape route. If it doesn’t work out, if we fail, that will only mean that we don’t want to succeed. We just want to waste our life. All this time we were just bullshitting ourselves.

We’ve already learned to live without this crap. There’s literally no reason left for us to go back there.

I’m gonna get to 100. And you will have to as well. I’m not taking no for an answer. :triumph:

If you struggle with anything, if you need any sort of advice and you hesitate to ask for help… That will be considered as relapse. :angry:

Let’s send this pmo to hometown with a massive blowout.


We can do this brother :muscle: love the pic though I don’t watch Dragon Ball
Let’s beat this PMO
Flame on!


Nofap is going good and all but, lately I’ve procrastinating and slacking off way too much.
My exams are almost at the doorstep, yet it seems that I just don’t want to study, I don’t want to progress. I’ve been consoling myself by saying that I’m doing good nofap-wise so, everything is well and fun! Happy feelings. :partying_face:

But no! :expressionless:
I’m not doing good, I’m slacking off, I’m procrastinating, I’m literally doing nothing.
I’ve been trying lots of things to get back on track, but nothing works. No amount of accountability is enough.

I guess I’ll have to put on the line, the most valuable thing I possess currently. My nofap streak. If I value it so much that I can just procrastinate and still not feel least bit guilty, then I guess this will provide my way out of this state.

Self conquer challenge

At least 8 hour study time every single day. (With the exception of being away from home.)

From 21 December to 10 January

20 Days

Consequence of failing :

This becomes zero. :point_down:


Day 0

Tomorrow the challenge starts.
Let’s hope for the best. :fist:


Brother, @Kaizen I want to join you in this challenge !


I will also set my counter to zero, If I will not be able to study 8 hours. I promise to myself that I will study every single day never less than 8 hours or I will set my counter to zero.
I know brother that I don’t have a great streak like you, but this is the highest streak of december in a while it’s still more precious to me. I will definitely set it to zero. If I didn’t study 8 hours in a day.