Currently on day 4 need a companion on similar

Sharing code - 648bdd

Current streak - 4 days
Highest streak - 6 days 21 hrs on NF companion otherwise it is of 30+ days(during my university exams)
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - IN

BECAUSE the most usual time in which I relapse is 6 days and I have started feeling vulnerable to it.
I need a companion of similar streak so that he can rejoice and reinforce my journey too.

Warning:- your current streak must be between 0-8 days , otherwise you are already too far.

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Sharing code 285a5f
Current streak 3 days
Highest streak 23 day
Age 18
Gender M
Location PL

My current streak is also 4 days.
Sharing code 29d44d
Location: India
Let’s partner up here. I usually tend relapse after 10 - 15 days. So I need a companion too. There’s a WhatsApp accountability group. You want to join?

@s8k8 @Mezzo I have added you both.
@s8k8 where is the WhatsApp group ?

Let me try tagging you in that thread, so that you could find it.

I’ve tagged you. Let me know you found the thread where WhatsApp accountability group link was shared.

Thanks for your help bro
But I think link isn’t working.

Click on “open in browser” and it’ll work.

I am starting from today. I relapse yesterday night so it’s only 12 hours till now. I am planning to go for 30 days. I had maximum done previously is 10 days.
So I want accountability partners who are somewhat new, plz add my code is 4d4744 . Lets help each other.
Age 28
Gender M
Location NP


@mysterylord Added you man !!!

@wildhunter what do you wanna say man ?

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