Creating your digital world free of p, completely

A very powerful blocker for free is the SafeDNS. Go to and sign up with the promocode: matt-safedns (given by the owner of recoveredman website FOR FREE). Then, download the SafeDNS Agent. You need to give the password of the email used to sign up, to someone else. You may have to make a separate email account on yahoo etc. for this purpose. Then, change the password of SafeDNS to unknown after changing settings according to your needs and level of addiction. To ensure full security, Microsoft family link needs to be set up. You should not be the admin of the computer because only an admin can bypass a blocker (that too if and only if he is a technical geek), not a child account user. Being a child user also blocks the possibility of resetting the computer or reinstalling Windows (I did it once in past just to watch p). Make someone else your admin account holder. Then, you can also use winguardpro from to block access to certain apps, control panel, etc. For Android, Google family link setup with the StayFocused app is the best. Just remove all browsers from phone. Use laptop for safe internet surfing. Setup the restrictions according to your personal needs and level of addiction. That’s it.

NOTE: Blocking is an important step for an addict who is struggling a lot. But, it is not all. Quitting p is not enough to quit p. You must do the recovery activities.


Thank you so much for this!