Couldn't understand my brain's behaviour

Hi guys,
I am suffering from a problem which is troubling me a lot.Sometimes when I get urges I fantasize once or twice and stop after that.But after that even if I try to stop my brain tries to fantasize more and more and think about sex.Brain makes me feel like as if I relapsrd and I check my pants to see if I really relapsed but I find nothing there.This thing is troubling me regularly and I need some advices and help to come out of this paradox.


Stop porn and masturbation you will be fine


That’s because the dopamine secretions in your brains are used to the P content. And since you are on NoFap dopamine is wanting more and more of P for their satisfaction.

Practice dopamine detox


Brain is dead without us…

Brain is just matter… it degrades like anyother matter in the universe…

I believe we are immortals… which remains even after brain decay…

So… i say … Make this Brain … your slave.


I also had same fantasising problems and in reality you know the answer ,just stop fantasising whatever it costs

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It costs ony virtual death of Self.
A Resurrection.
A Reboot is required.