Confusion about being relapsed

Today I accidentally saw an ad that contains nudity. You can say that was intensionally because my mind always wants that if i accidentally see this kind of thing. But when the ad appeared i didn’t see that more than half second . I controlled myself and closed that page. But it created an urge in me.
Now my question is did i relapse?


Urge is not considered as relapse


If u have any doubts just post it

Where should i post that?

Here…or u can create new…

Not a relapse. You didn’t willfully seek nudity.


Not relapse as long as the power is still inside you.

But the brain reboot will take longer. Just endure and you’ll win.

Because, me too, saw a very triggering drug on toxic social media. Have to repent and pray for deliverance because I need strength and blessing and wisdom in order to get past this.