Confused , can anyone answer

Ok I understand it takes 90 days or around to reset your brain , to make stable the dopamine levels of your body, and stop the damage to your body and mind
The thing that I don’t understand is why are people going on 150 ,500 ,1000 day streak , can’t you just periodically (not every day, like once or twice a month ) ejucalte keep your mind sane after you reset after 90 days , why go to such lengths , it’s not like masturbation is very harmful even if it’s done in moderation , everything has 2 sides , anything in excess amount is bad , like alcohol ,you can drink occasionally but not excessively , then why the 500-1000 days streak , can anyone explain


Some people’s goal is not to go away from masturbation for a long time, it’s to break the cycle forever. Not masturbating doesn’t make you insane or anything. It’s a bad habit, it’s a sin and so on. That’s why there’s no reason to masturbate at all.


Another reason they go for long time is that they want to challenge others, motivate 'em and free themselves


Hey bro, hope you are doing well in this covid times. My intro : Current/longest streak - 308 Code - 03yy70 Age - 17 Location - India

I must tell you this there are various “things” that happen within our body when we do semen retention/celibacy/nofap. And these “things” can be used for spiritual and other growth/benefits as well.

One thing that happens with people who watch porn is that our brain makes masturbation/ejaculation a source of happiness/dopamine/pleasantness.

You need to understand that a deception is ON right now. One way or the other Your body thinks you are having sex with your :iphone: device. I don’t think anyone would want to have sex with their :iphone: device no matter how expensive it is :joy:. You need to understand that your​:iphone:device is just a sandwich of glass and metal which somehow gets connected to this invisible thing called ‘internet’. One aspect/reason why people do nofap for this long is to break this deception and move from ‘untruth to truth’.

Another problem that people face is (this is when they are pron addict or they watch porn a lot) when they are having sex they say they fail miserably. Why you may ask? Because of erectile disfunction. Erection does not happen when it should, spoiling your’s and your partner’s sex life.

If you want to know about more aspects of this topic Im giving you a YouTube playlist that has videos by popular and trusted youtubers. So Pls dont flag this post. Link -

Okay I think this much will suffice you.
Nofap is a very big topic to explain while typing, you know :sweat_smile:. I have not covered all aspects.

If you want any help/guidance contact me. I will help with the best of my understanding. I don’t make money by doing this, but I’m more interested in helping people voluntarily than earning.


If you are talking about balance, then it is true for everything except nofap. I am personally in a war against porn industry which I may never win and that is OK. I will reach a streak of 1000 days for valid reason

  1. It is fake

I personally think that when u are addicted for a long period of time it becomes more personal and u can see that everything starting from the day u started ( ur job, ur moral, ur identity, ur sanity,ur grades,freedom,ur relationships… etc)
Is gone or destroyed maybe not directly. So the more u do it the more personal it gets. And its not abt the days it’s abt the relationship u have with PMO how it fucked up ur life and took everything that was meaningfull to u how it made things so complicated and most importantly how it made u a slave and took away ur freedom so it is like i told u at some point it becomes personal and after u overcome all of those things and at some point u start feeling free again so its not abt the days its abt how long have u waited to feel that way again to experience freedom. And if u think that after 90 days ur fixed up and start moderately masterbating again then u don’t know the true pain people go through because of this addiction.


See Brother nofap90 is for those peoples who are lightly addicted that is guys who do Pmo sometimes like once in a month once in a week etc…Nofap 180 365 1000 is the people who are badly addicted to PMO…

You are wrong brother it depends on particular individual for their time to reset brain…nofap 90 is a popular way of avoiding pmo for 90days …After that they can decide whether to continue or relapse…But In my opinion badly addicted peoples should gave up this addiction and push themselves as much as they could…Nofap 90 is mainly for healthy fappers…Iam a badly addicted person may be a I could take a year for full recovery


I don’t know much about nofap I ve not done any highest streak yet but one thing I tell u that In ancient time the children’s are sent to ashrams for gaining knowledge and to follow Bramhacharya from age of 13 to 25 during this 12 years of time a student abstain from all kinds of pleasures,and sexual activities because this is believed by acharya sushruta(world’s first surgeon) that in this 12 years human prefrontal cortex (a place In your brain for photographic memory) anything you can learn easily compare to others. But the condition is you should not involve in any kind sexual activities this knowledge is also given in spiritual books like ramayan & bhagwat geeta it is also said that after 25 if you are married there is nothing bad in having sex for baby. but You should not have sex for fun & satisfying each others genetilia
"A person who can abstain from all kinds of pleasures can lead greater army " sorry if I said something wrong and also for my bad English :sweat_smile:


Yes something’s in moderation are good alcohol is good in moderation ,social smoking is a thing practiced by many people I know and one can say it is less harmful but would you say same for cocaine or meth or MD powder people do such substance abuse , some also in moderation but you can check any medical community or scientific community all will agree that depending on the substance all the above practices are harmfull to a certain extent and some are very addictive ,also some substances are even so chemically enhanced the human brain was not ment to handel such amount of high

If you see alcohol, tobacco even cocaine has been found in most late recorded history but now humans have chemically or with new science enhanced it’s natural potency or found chemically similar synthetic substitutes not natural which are harmful and most importantly very addictive

Similarly sex is natural wanting to be with or see a atractive person you like is natural but porn is a synthetic substitutes humans have created
If we go back only 15 - 20 years back you will see porn was not so easily available porn magazine were available but to only elite few had them motion picture not so easy to watch alone you needed a DVD player and no one home or you should have one in your room ,but today its available in abundance on a click of a button on your mobile which you can carry anywhere even in your bathroom and is available extrem variety , we have in a sense devloped synthetically enhanced version of a natural substance

Now will you say everyone who has tried cocaine is addicted to cocaine no, some try it and never do it again or maybe if someone offered them in a party in future maybe they will do it once again , But the person going to such parties regularly or buying stash deliberately has developed a complusive behavior we have to agree
not necessarily it has started affecting his health but the odds are high it might start affecting soon.

Similar if you watched porn in moderation not that regularly you might be ok no big deal and brother if its not affecting your other parts of life it’s a free world do continue I am no judge to tell you what is right or wrong you might even live an amazing life

But remember that life is not predictable
Even a non smoker can get lung cancer but that doesn’t mean you start smoking cigarettes
always keep your odds your chances better
Any doctor will always tell you a smoker has higher chance of getting cancer so by not smoking you are keeping your chances better

Similar it has been proven PMO is affecting human brains way of functioning ,it causes stress ,depression, brain fog, social anxiety even anger you might feel theses without PMO also but keep your odds better chances better without them your chance of living a better life are more so why not choose that I’ll suggest

Also go and check from the past 15 -20 years dieses like depression, social anxiety,loneliness have significantly increased in young adults why so
do you see a correlation here

Atlast I’ll suggest quit it for 90 days religiously see if you felt better or not if you think your not addicted urges shouldn’t come but if it comes understand you have developed a complusive behavior my friend. after quitting check when you felt better while in no fap or when you where fapping then decide yourself

Also age is a factor young people can withstand adverse effects of addictive substances ,behavior. but later in life the addictions adervse effects will catch up if they have continued with the addictions also similarly now you might not feel depression , anxiety etc but in future if you feel these negative emotions dont blame life think are you still in that once or twice a months fapp cycle then decide .


Masterbation is not harmfull but 90% of people watch p*** and masterbate trust me its a silent poison the combination of this both will ruin your life

@AAB20 Dear brother, first you’ve to understand that pmo isn’t our natural way to satisfy ourselves. You’re right that our dopamine levels are getting balanced on 90 days of streak. But there is catch , if you started fapping again then you’re in a loop. It happens again and again. For your question , Why are people going on 150, 500 , 1000 Day streak ? It’s because we’ve some dreams which can only be fulfilled with the help of this energy. We want a better life with great achievements.

No Dear, there is no second side in pmo. It will only destroy you from inside. I’m very glad to know that you don’t have any harmful effects of pmo till now but it doesn’t mean that you will not get any in near future…
Btw , Currently I’m on 415 Day ( it’s because I have to achieve something in my life. I’m a warrior and a warrior never live like a slave :muscle::muscle::muscle:)


Maybe consider 90 day as basic level.
Many of us here need more. I didn’t had pmo in my life for a year or so, but for more than a decade. 90 day might get me started but it won’t get me nowhere near where I want to be.
Also you should consider as well that it is not only about pmo, nofap. It is a challenge to change the way you live your life. I did not only fight my urges to fap. NoFap is only a part of the change. Some decides do workout/loose weight, learn something new, simply stop being lazy, get rid of phone addiction or anything else. NoFap challenge is actually might be just the door on which we step in to the world of continous change and this needs a lifetime, not only 90 days.

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Buddy the same person will say it’s benefits after attaining 200 days.
There is no moderation in PMO.
It’s a poison.
415 is my dream.
Keep going.
Love you bro.


I have to say , I am a bit disheart after reading the replies , but thanku very much , it opend my eyes and gave me motivation , yesterday I was about to relapse but after reading some of the comments it gave me a leeway to stop
Thanks everyone for suppot


I don’t think u will need a year or so . Because se I was also used to fap daily no matter how with porn or without porn . But 1 thing you have to make your mind understand that no matter what u don’t have to fap! It’s not easy but no hard to !. I made a decision that I will give up porn and start no fap so it was continued by more than 30 days in which I started to watch movies , series in a sense to distract your mind . Then after I also think that good fap is ok for health. Then again entered into it but now I know how to control u only need a day to decide that yes I will start no fap from now onwards and start making u busy my exercise and watch movies or series. Thank you .


That’s exactly it for me. I agree with all the benefits, but bottom line is that I believe it to be a sin that I need to stop forever.

I also think that when someone has truly rewired, really actually 100%, he won’t want PMO anymore, or anything to do with it. Maybe it takes more than 90 days for some of us, depending on how thorough we are, but eventually going for a thousand day streak, and then ten thousand, and so on, will just be a natural part of life.


I don’t know much but I know that relapse weakens a man to the core.
And also long streaks make you spiritual, try it

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Don’t worry about what others are doing @AAB20
You do not need to entertain doubt.
Everyone has their own reasons. Keep your journey simple, debates are endless and people come out with all sorts of things, but it is their choice. Stand firm in your decisions.

For me, being here I’ve got over a lot of guilt and found support, realising I’m not alone.

I’m Catholic, so personally I dont want to release my semen at all.
Porn, I just think it is a social menace,… And I could go on and on about why


The higher the streak, the closer to God.

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Start journaling every night before will achieve 50 days at least success surely.

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