Confession time


So I’m failing badly at the moment. Triggers have been seeing my family with their spouses and kids and I belong to a large family although as the only single I kinda feel that I don’t really fit in but that’s more my perspective than theirs.
Porn obsession and use is basically a drug addiction I’ve realised that and I hate myself for being so weak in this area, so doubleminded. This habit really goes against my human values : well I wouldn’t treat my sisters like disposable sex objects or see my mum that way. If it wasn’t for women none of us would be here…
Also it goes against my strong Christian convictions although you might not believe that if you saw my lack of commitment in dealing with this problem.
I don’t want to live like this.
Why am I so damned weak in this area and so damned reluctant to change?


Do exercices and i promess you that It will be easier to go trought this.


Yeah good plan but I have a few injuries/irritations at the moment so thats making exercise harder to do


You need another dopamine source, your body just needs it anyway. So exercise, meditate, practice music instrument or any other hobby that brings you pleasure. Otherwise you will never go far.
Happy Easter!:+1:

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Thanks for comments guys