Completed 50 days today

Hello Nofappers

Hope you all are doing fine with your Nofap streaks.

50 days ago I promised myself that from that day onwards I was a person who does not watch porn, does not jerk off to images of women, does not hesitate in starting a conversation with girls. I promised myself that I’ll annihilate my 34 days streak record and I did it 16 days ago.

Every morning when I wake up, I speak these words to myself-

  1. I am a happy guy and I am thankful for the life I have.
  2. I do not watch porn.
  3. I do not scroll my phone to oggle at images of random women.
  4. I do not jerk off.
  5. I am the strongest human on this earth.

After speaking these lines back to me, my mind is set to keep this status of my life on track and I am motivated more than before to not let myself get lost in that hopeless, lonely, disgusting and pitiable world of PMO.

Being someone who used to jerk of 2-3 times a day, I have come far from that person that I was 50 days ago. And I know I have to go very far but now I am excited to achieve bigger goals because now they seem to be achievable. Earlier I could not even imagine to go without masturbation for even 2 days.

All I am saying is if I can do it, then you all can do it too. It’s just mere accepting to oneself that I am not a fapper, I do not watch porn, I am a better human being than majority of people on this entire planet, and then your mind will start fighting your urges by reminding you your own words. Even if you feel like slipping, you’ll regain the control immediately because you told yourself that you don’t Masturbate.

Try it guys, it works.


Keep going brother :muscle:

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