Compassion for the lgbtq community

How can we help our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in this community? Because it is hard if you have to deal with your sexuality and then addiction.

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Yeah I have that struggle. The first thing that really helped me was getting a porn blocker and I’ve been free from porn for 2 months. I don’t consider myself gay but I still get unwanted thoughts especially from my past experiences. But the images from porn sites no longer live in my head so it’s a lot easier to deal with. As a Christian I understand that my goal is holiness, not becoming straight although one day I would like to marry and have children if it’s God’s will. I also understand that my feelings don’t affect how God sees me so I won’t let same sex attraction define me. Everyone gets tempted in different ways and we try not to act on the temptations. Because I identity as ex-gay I’ve gotten hate from the LGBTQ community, but I would never force anyone to do what I’m doing. Im not afraid to call sin by its name. I’ve already experienced a ton of freedom through Christ and I want everyone to experience it too. The most important thing is to have a relationship with God and to nurture that relationship through prayer, scripture reading and worship. I’m 19 and hope to become a pastor one day, prayers would be appreciated. Love you guys stay strong :muscle:


Hello @Soldier_of_God , this is very moving. Am happy that you chose a path you knew was right and you have tried to stick on it whatever the circumstances. With this resilience and faith, I know God will use you to show light to others. Giving up porn is one thing and finding God again is another beautiful thing. May God fulfill your heart’s desires. In these trying times where many people do not know what they are and who they need to be, you have figured out that and that’s brave. You have chosen to follow Christ no matter the circumstances.


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