Companions on ReWire

How does having companions on ReWire work? What does having a conpanion do for you? Whenever i look at my companions section in my home page, it just shows their statuses. What am i supposed to be using them for if i have added them? How are they supposed to keep me motivated ? If anyone could tell me how this works please let me know. Thanks in advance.

The current functionality of my companions tab is to keep track of your companions streak. For that you need to have a companion first. You can find one on find a companion category.
I agree currently the functionality seems a little bare bones, but soon chats and other features will be added


Just letting you know. This app is becoming almost indispensable for so many men. 1st time we men in porn influenced chaotic world is feeling a sense of unity against our war on PMO. So, thank you very much for the work you’re doing.


Thanks a lot. Keep supplying us with all the arsenal we need to fight PMO!


No problem. We all in this as a team.