Companions are welcome

Hey guys and gals, I’m disgusted of what excessive masturbation can push me to do, I cannot masturbate anymore I feel like a undead

Sharing code - 38e18e

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 10 days
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - FR

Why I want a companion - because teamwork can be powerful and to meet people that shares my goals


Lets do this
Mine 8bedba.

I put a chllebge for 5days first. Anybidy wins get areward. Peasant reward like a good lunch. If failed we do punishment. 100 pushups


May I join? My sharing code 8a4747


Added both of you guys, stay strong !

8h580b177db36eb for anyone who wants to add me current streaks are short, however I am ready to break this thing. 26 btw

Add me as your companion. Current streak Day 61. I’m still carefully fighting this PMO drug to keep it out of my life.

My code


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add me: c5957c …

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Added you brother.
My code-7b48bd

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You okay dude?? Ia am following you guys. If you need to talk just type in the forum or pm me.

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Dude how r u doing?? Lets do this

Shit happens haha, a relapse is only is failure if you do not learn from it !

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My code is b0327d. Let’s defeat this thing together!

Let’s fight this monster.

My code: 3dea24

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