Companion required

Hi everyone. My name is Rakis2009

Sharing code - 432237

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 11 days
Age - 38
Gender - M
Location - Kenya

I need a companion to help me take my battle to the next level. Currently am doing very badly with my highest streak being a disappointing 11 days. I want to win this battle and reclaim my manhood again.

Hey Rakis,

Im Elendil

My sharing code: 0a3022
Gender: M
Age: 28
Country: Hungary
Highest streak: 30 days
Current streak: 20 days

If you need a companion on this road add me, my man! Let’s support each other.

Hi Elendil. Am glad to add you as a companion. How about we start with a 15 day challenge and we see how that goes.

Count me in, Sir! :raised_hand::medal_military:

My name is Sak. I am 44 and am a PMO problem till I hit the lowest low of my life.

I think I can help while being helped by you.

Sharing code: xbpf3i

Name: Dave
Sharing code: mgf9s0
Country: Nigeria
Please I urgently need an accountability partner. My longest streak so far is 4 days. It’s killing me😥

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How you guys holding on in the first couple of days? How you feeling?

Hi Dave. Welcome. We are not too old for this challenge. We will finally turn around our lives.

Very good. Can you set up the challenge then you add all of us up.

Hi Sak. We will win this together.

As an accountability group we will need to check up on each other and mame sure none of us falls. We will also need to share ideas on how to avoid triggers

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Hey there Rakis2009!

Thanks for reaching out and the encouraging words. I think acknowledging that one has a problem is half the problem solved! And working hard with companions will help fight the rest!

Good Luck!

Am actually on day 3 and 22 hours. Am trying my best to avoid any kind of trigger. For me youtube and instagram are the worst. I start there and soon am heading to pornhub… No more of that now.

Hi @Elendil did you fall? Cause your status reads 11hrs and it was 23 days before.

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