Companion pls, on day 1 here,

Hi, preferably someone with afew days streak, even 5 days u r a champ in my eyes :slight_smile: . Keep me motivated pls, ill do the same 4 u. Cheers.

Sharing code - im new idk wat this is

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - never counted tbh
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - Uk

Why I want a companion - Trying everything i can to break the habit


Hey Liam :wave: I’m Joshua, 28 years old.

I’m in the UK too, good to meet you.

Hi Liam. Adding you to my companion list. You can then add me as well.
Here is my sharing code - 2ubov5

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I can’t see your sharing code. Please check that you have the app downloaded as well.

Hey. U2, starting my journey out the dark cave. Fighting!

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Hey nerbo. Great. Jst need to figure this app out first :slight_smile:

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cnf163 . Thats mine, and i added urs as well.

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Hi Liam, I added you as well. Best of Luck. :smiley:

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