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Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a companion, ideally around my age (21) to keep in touch on whatsapp/text/telegram/signal as an accountability partner. I’d be looking for somebody to message weekly or so to ask if I’m achieving some specific things I’m trying to overcome, and I will ask if you are achieving yours.
I am a Christian, and while I don’t pester non cristians a lot of my motives and thoughts revolve around an ultimate creator, so ideally somebody who believes in the creator would work. The things trying to overcome are quite bad (especially for a Christian) but I feel I will have more control if someone is checking on me for specific things.


Hello, I’m looking for companion/friend,
I’m 22 yo Christian Arab from Nazareth, Israel.
I’m being lazy as hell, currently not working, so alot of time alone, and that’s a bit problematic. I need a friend :slight_smile:

things you may not like about me, I’m homosexual, I won’t bother you or anyone with that, if you’re cool with it then we can grab a beer later

Have a good day

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Hi. Im Christian too. Nice to meet you, Im 31, m and im from Col.


Is that columbia you’re from?

Yeah. Im from Colombia. Nice to meet you bro :facepunch:t2:

Good to meet you as well! Im based in swindon

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20F, christian as well looking for a companion.
I live in the US so hopefully not an issue, I wouldnt mind meeting other women on here! In college right now studying and trying to grow my hobbies to keep my mind off of (the word that shall not be said). Anyways, hey

Nice to meet you!
If you have whatsapp or any other messenger, i’d be happy to keep in contact and check on each other.
There was a post a while back from sombody connecting all the women, but i can’t seem to find it.

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