Common pitfalls during nofap

Guys ,jolt down your mistakes whilst doing nofap which ultimately lead to relapse

This will serve as a guideline to others. Learning from others mistake is equally as important as learning one’s mistake


Mistake 1) being lonely. This addiction makes you isolated but when you’re isolated is so easy to relapse

Mistake 2) dwelling on thoughts. You gotta distract yourself or lust will grow

Mistake 3) using social media. Can be not good as there is art and stuff and being in this pmo is all about strength that’s why I’m here to get stronger but i have a weakness from seeing the female form. Gotta restrict content on the phone


Facebook reels make it more difficult to resist the temptations

Everywhere there is some elements of lust


Watching arousing photographs or videos , getting angry so much that i just go and relapse… thinking why should i stop it now if i can do it tomorrow …when you get urges why should you masturbate and be mad and depressed for the next months if the urge will go away in like 1 hour


Facebook instagram YouTube reels and telegram too in some extent which depends on us… Avoid any sort of social media or to say decrease screen time on mobile

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