Commit/Challenge me with 1+ habit/s of those


Anyone wanna commit to some activities?
To get busy, replace the habit, contact more people

I’m into music, chess, home body weight workout.

  • If any musician wanna talk, maybe commit to some Challage like practicing X hours per week, or try something/learn something…
  • if you want to challenge me on some daily workout
  • or play chess once a week

Challenge me/join me in one of those or more.

I’m in favour of weekly zoom call for a bit to talk about anything.

Okay I’m not much into music but wanna learn singing
N yea we can have some daily goals regarding workout I was also thinking to start tht need to be busy to distract my mind

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Great, let’s figure out some daily workout commitment. Keep it realistic :sweat_smile:

Ok bro I want to join you in workout I am not interested in music that much.

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Great let’s figure something out then
Check your chat

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Wanna join you in workout


Guys each of you set a goal to do 5 days a week

I’ll do 20 push-ups 30 squats. I’ll try to do it in the morning.

We can update things here, if you felt you can do more then add it to your routine. Be realistic with your goals, especially if you didn’t work out in a long time

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I cannot do push ups I will Replace it with 20 Incline push ups and 100 wall push ups.

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