Cold shower Need Help

10 Days Completed of Cold Shower( 11 day but i skipped 1 day) :
Benefits :
I haven’t experience anything just heavy breathing or increase in hard rate .My speed has increase in studing . Dont know if it is with nofap or cold shower or exam pressure or my startagy.
THE WATER STILL FEEL COLD that the only think is common😅


Because we are in december, I think cold shower hurts your blood vessels


Man if you are doing this to be less sexually aroused stop it right now. Cold showers actually increase blood circulation in your penis and can cause erection or strong urges. If you started this for NoFap then I recommend you take hot showers instead, it should have the desired effects.

No, hot showers are never good. Blood circulation in penis does not necessarily mean urge to pmo. Cells all over the body need to be renewed periodically. I have been taking cold showers for three years man. Blood circulation is good for all parts. Urges to destroy oneself are not good and cold shower does not cause them. Cold shower redistributes energy in body and takes us out of urges. Hot showers increase kafa dosha and lead to various kinds of diseases in long run.


Bro i started it for the benefit of high immunity and for bone pain not for urges i can control them now atleast

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I First take hot bath then take cold bath… hothelps to open the pour in skin and after clean due to cold they get closed … this is the main reason i started

Why not on head i cant see video just to know that

How do you do it in Winters ? … meri to fat ke hath mein aa jati hain …dandhe pani mein.

I am able to do so because it is easy in Mumbai. :grin:

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