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I’ve heard too many times that all successful people have one habit in common, and that’s Journalling. Well, here goes nothing!

Yesterday (10/02/2023) wasn’t very remarkable. Spent all day binge watching “1883”. Did some boxing practice in the evening and hurt my wrist throwing a left hook :person_facepalming:t2:. Looks like the Punching Bag needs some weight redistribution or maybe I just need to get a bigger punching bag.

Didn’t study a thing all day but I’m happy that I stayed away from PMO.


Damm, Top-G will be happy to fight with the future Coffee man


[11/02/2023] I’m on a 3 day streak. I know from experience that I’m most likely to be overwhelmed by my urges and relapse at around day 6 or 7. Hope to make it past that this time.

I’d write about my day but it wasn’t exactly a very happening day. I was supposed to study for an upcoming exam but instead I binge watched another web series most of the day. Didn’t get a workout either. This won’t be repeated, I promise(to myself). I’ll be more productive.


Keep going, that is the only advice your life has for you


[12/02/2023] Studied today. Not as much as I should’ve but studied nonetheless.

Did some boxing practice as well. I think I’m getting better at it. I felt like I was throwing pretty powerful crosses. Tried out a few tips I saw on YouTube to improve my jab. I was careful not to throw a lot of hooks today as I’m still recovering from the injury i suffered day before yesterday.

I had little urges here and there throughout the day. But it was nothing I couldn’t handle. The real challenge is up ahead. It’s been years since I’ve crossed the 8 day mark. But I’m not afraid, rather I’m looking forward to the battle. I know the urges are gonna be intense. But I feel like if I relapse, I’ll be failing this wonderful online community. I believe this sense of accountability I feel towards this community is what’s going to get me through my toughest trials. I owe it to them and to the best version of myself who’s still waiting in the dark to be found.


Believe you can do this. Don’t let fear control you. Rooting for you.


Keep going, you are on the right path


This is encouraging, thank you


[13/02/2023] I had a good start today, seeing as I woke up at 6am. Regarding studies, I did better than yesterday, yet I’m not satisfied. I can do better than this. I’ve been taking too long for small topics. Need to pick up the pace.

Got a decent home workout. Focused mostly on shoulders today. I’ve been avoiding leg workouts for way too long and I have absolutely no excuse other than the fact that I’m being a lazy wimp. So tomorrow, leg day it is.
Break from boxing practice today.

Urges were more frequent today. I had these compulsive thoughts and visuals running through my mind but I was quick to shun them and get back to work. These urges were expected, and I was pretty sure I was gonna sail through the day without much difficulty. And that’s what happened. However, I can feel that the upcoming days are gonna get harder. It’s like I can see an army on the horizon that’s about to begin it’s onslaught. Can we hold them off? Let’s find out!


Keep going, when the urge comes, always remember why you started


“Every second passing by is moving you towards the person u always wanted to be, quitting is not an option here”


[14/02/2023] So I have something to share.

A few months back I had a falling-out with my girlfriend. Long story short, our relationship was never the same after that. However, we never explicitly broke up, perhaps because neither of us wanted to hurt the other. In fact, I actually wanted to be with her despite whatever happened. But she had been quite distant and I could tell she didn’t have the same feelings towards me like she once used to. So I finally asked her about it and I was right. We broke up. She still wanted to stay in touch but I told her it’s gonna hurt me seeing her with someone else whenever that happens. So I said I’m gonna keep my distance.

Huh, what a way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Actually, that’s what prompted me to ask her. Because what’s the point in wishing “Happy Valentine’s Day” otherwise.


Damm, what you did was right. If she has someone and she doesn’t have feelings for you it’s better to stop contacting them.



Had a great home workout session today :muscle:
Study however, was compromised. I think waking up late in the morning is what messed it up.
Also, I spent a lot of time on Rewire Companion today. More than I should have :sweat_smile:

Urges weren’t that frequent. They were definitely more intense than what I’ve faced in the last few days. But they were dealt with swiftly and I had everything under control.

Checked up on my fellow soldiers. @BlackMagic123 , @Binocular & @anon32080123 had relapsed in the last 24 hours. I hope they bounce back with a vengeance.


Hearing about Valentine’s day. All I could think of this advertisement. Haha


So true man, everwhere there are lovey-dovey couples


Awesome bro. Keep up the workout. Tomorrow my exam will be over and I can start my cycling again


Sure you are doing well in your exams

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Marching towards completion of an 8 day streak. It was a tough day. Had some fierce battles with my urges but when the dust settled, I had prevailed.
Onwards we go to double digit streaks.
I know it’s going to get tougher but if there’s one thing video games have taught me, it’s that if you’re encountering resistance, you’re moving in the right direction.
P.S. I don’t play video games anymore.



Today wasn’t very productive. Study took a major hit.:expressionless:
Spent all day fighting the urges. I was too horny and did let my mind run wild with some vivid erotic imagination. I was like, “I’m neither watching porn nor masturbating, so i guess it’s okay”. But then I had an epiphany. I realised that this is what I do everytime. This is how I fall down the rabbit hole everytime. So I just stopped. I didn’t even allow myself to imagine erotic stuff. It was hard and I had a few slip ups too but I didn’t let them take root.
Day 9 Complete!! Double digits, I’m coming!! :fire:

A few good things about today:
  • Took a cold shower :cold_face: :shower:
  • Read another few pages of ‘The Rational Male’ by Rollo Tomassi. :open_book: :books:
  • Did a decent home workout. :muscle: